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Juggling Information Service
Siteswap FAQ - (Allen Knutson) This is not really a FAQ, but it *is* a good article explaining vanilla/rockyroad siteswaps and state diagrams.
Siteswaps for the Masses - (Alan Morgan) The basics.
Curious, Interesting and Impossible Siteswaps - (Vincent Darley) Example siteswaps with descriptions.
Notes on State Tables - (Martin Probert & Charlie Dancey) Notes from Probert's "Four Ball Juggling" book along with ideas by Charlie Dancey.
Tests and Exercises - (Ed Carstens & Jack Boyce) Test yourself on siteswaps.
Posts by Bengt - (Bengt Magnusson) Original rec.juggling posts by one of the pioneers of siteswap.
Multi-hand Notation - (Ed Carstens) An explaination of the multi-hand notation from it's inventor.

Siteswap Ben's Guide to Juggling Patterns - (Ben Beever) Ben Beever has published his wonderful siteswap book online.
State Tables - (Mark Thomas) Detailed article on state tables.
How To Write Down A Juggling Pattern: A Guide For The Perplexed - (Colin Wright) Very detailed article on the basics.
Understanding Siteswap Juggling Patterns: A Guide For The Perplexed - (Greg Phillips) Basic introduction.
Juggilng Simulators - an Introduction - (Colin Eberhardt) An overview of some of the juggling simlators currently available.
How to Quickly Validate a Siteswap in Your Head - (Nathan Peterson) Overview of the method that I use to validate sitewaps.
Siteswap Made Simple - (Aidan Burns) A siteswap tutorial with animations.



Software for handhelds
iJuggle - This is a siteswap generator and animator for the iPhone. Uses JuggleMaster animator and J2 generator.
JuggleDriod - This is a siteswap generator and animator for Andriod.
SiteSwap - This is a siteswap animator and generator for Palm. Includes Jack Boyce's J2 siteswap generator.
JuggleMaster Palm - This is a palm port of the classic DOS program 'JuggleMaster'.
Siteswapper for windowsCE - or if you have a CE device, try this program.

JugglingLab - This is the best Java juggling animator/generator out there. It is based off of JuggleAnim. It has tons of features. It will animate pretty much any type of siteswap including passing notation and also allows for bounce juggling.
JuggleAnim - Similar to JuggleMaster Java, but includes a siteswap generator (same as J2).
[MA][GNU]S - This Java siteswap animator is packed with features including state graphs and ladder diagrams.
Gunswap - Pretty cool animator.
Siteswap Calculator - Simple web app to validate siteswaps and give other useful information.

Other software
Jongl - 3D juggling simulation program that allows multiple juggler simulations with passing patterns. Ported to several operating systems.
JoePass - Similar to Jongl. Allows passing patterns to be built on the fly using a nifty causal diagram editor.