This is a website for providing information about siteswap notation and related things. For comments, corrections, broken link reports please contact me (Nathan Peterson) at



Juggling Information Service
Siteswap FAQ - (Allen Knutson) This is not really a FAQ, but it is a good article explaining vanilla/rockyroad siteswaps and state diagrams.
Siteswaps for the Masses - (Alan Morgan) The basics.
Curious, Interesting and Impossible Siteswaps - (Vincent Darley) Example siteswaps with descriptions.
Notes on State Tables - (Martin Probert & Charlie Dancey) Notes from Probert's "Four Ball Juggling" book along with ideas by Charlie Dancey.
Tests and Exercises - (Ed Carstens & Jack Boyce) Test yourself on siteswaps.
Posts by Bengt - (Bengt Magnusson) Original rec.juggling posts by one of the pioneers of siteswap.
Multi-hand Notation - (Ed Carstens) An explaination of the multi-hand notation from it's inventor.

Siteswap Ben's Guide to Juggling Patterns - (Ben Beever) Ben Beever has published his wonderful siteswap book online.
State Tables - (Mark Thomas) Detailed article on state tables.
How To Write Down A Juggling Pattern: A Guide For The Perplexed - (Colin Wright) Very detailed article on the basics.
Understanding Siteswap Juggling Patterns: A Guide For The Perplexed - (Greg Phillips) Basic introduction.
Juggilng Simulators - an Introduction - (Colin Eberhardt) An overview of some of the juggling simlators currently available.
How to Quickly Validate a Siteswap in Your Head - (Nathan Peterson) Overview of the method that I use to validate sitewaps.
Siteswap Made Simple - (Aidan Burns) A siteswap tutorial with animations.



iJuggle - This is a siteswap generator and animator for the iPhone. Uses JuggleMaster animator and J2 generator.
JuggleDriod - This is a siteswap generator and animator for Andriod.
SiteSwap - This is a siteswap animator and generator for Palm. Includes Jack Boyce's J2 siteswap generator.
JuggleMaster Palm - This is a palm port of the classic DOS program 'JuggleMaster'.
Siteswapper for windowsCE - or if you have a CE device, try this program.

Gunswap - Open source generator/animator.
passist - Open source generator/animator focused on passing patterns.
JugglingLab - Very popular generator/animator. Based off of JuggleAnim.
JuggleAnim - Similar to JuggleMaster Java, but includes a siteswap generator (same as J2).
[MA][GNU]S - This Java siteswap animator is packed with features including state graphs and ladder diagrams.
Siteswap Calculator - Simple web app to validate siteswaps and give other useful information.

Jongl - 3D juggling simulation program that allows multiple juggler simulations with passing patterns. Ported to several operating systems.
JoePass - Similar to Jongl. Allows passing patterns to be built on the fly using a nifty causal diagram editor.